Keeping a Women’s Prayer Journal is a Great Way to Stay on Track With Your Bible Study

Womens Prayer Journal

Women’s Prayer Journal: Prompted 52 Week Prayer Journal For Women Of Faith

A Woman’s Prayer Journal is one of the most important accessories for Bible study. One of my favorite things to do in the summer when I am at the beach is to just sit on the sand and have a quiet time just reading my daily devotions. It gives me a chance to see what God’s plan is for my life. Although I don’t write my devotions down in my journal, I do keep a copy of it in my wallet or in my purse so that I can look back through the years and see my favorite passages. Every week I go over my notes and have them written out in a calendar or small card so I always have a reference for when I need to remember something.

As you get older, the Bible gets more important to you and it may seem that you are no longer using your prayer journal. However, this is very far from the truth. As you continue to use your prayer journal, it becomes more important to you. It becomes an extension of your soul and your will. You will find yourself drawn to the words and ideas contained in your journal and you will want to read them all the time.

Keep your journal in a safe place where you can easily access it. Don’t just keep it in your wallet or purse for reference purposes – get a new journal every year so you always have a fresh copy to refer back to. You never know when you might need to find something specific or you may want to jot down a note about something important in your life so that you don’t forget it later. If you are like most women, the thought of searching through a box of old notes fills me with dread, but if you have an easy, portable way to store your journal, then you will be thrilled when you get to find the next one!

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