Clear Face Shields

Clear face shields, available through DMB Supply are one of the best-selling, most versatile and long-lasting face shields in the world. The DMB Supply – Clear Face Shields line of face shields is designed to meet the needs of those who are more susceptible to respiratory tract infections (RTE) and those who are more prone to developing sinusitis or acute sinusitis. While RTE and acute are common conditions, both can be painful if left untreated and even life-threatening if not adequately cared for. Sinusitis is a bacterial infection that inflames the membranes surrounding the nasal passages. With clear face shields, you can reduce your exposure to bacteria while protecting your nasal passages against irritants and drying out moisture that irritates your sinuses.

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For years, DMB Supply has been innovating and improving protective face shields for professional athletes, medical professionals and the general public. However, the clear face shields designed for sports and medical professionals aren’t for everyone. These specialized shields are made from lightweight, breathable materials that make it easy to breathe as well as protecting the skin around the eyes. Made of medical grade silicone, these special shields feature an adhesive below the protective shield that allows it to easily peel away and replace with another replacement shield. As a result, you don’t have to carry around a heavy case of face shield all the time; you can enjoy one at any time.

DMB Supply is proud to offer some of the most innovative, stylish and highest quality face shields in the world. In addition to offering high-tech design and quality materials, D MB Supply offers a full line of clear urinary tract face shields, nasal and sinus relief snorkel straps, catarrh relief snorkels and reusable nasal cushions. With a wide range of products that work to keep people healthy all day, all the time, there’s no reason not to wear a face mask. No matter what your purpose, there’s a DMB Supply face shield to meet you.

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