Bose Videogram TM – A Small Business Video Conference Equipment

Bose Videogram TM – A Small Business Video Conference Equipment

The Bose Videobar videobar VB1 is a full-service high-tech conferencing solution that brings professional audio/video solutions to small business meeting locations – from small huddle areas to large conference rooms. Be heard clearly. Be heard and seen as much as you want. Six pinpoint-speaker microphones eliminate background noise and automatically focus on individual voices in the group, eliminating “echo” issues common with unassisted live speaking.

Automated, real-time conferencing solutions deliver exceptional productivity for all industry segments and all types of meetings – from small office groups to medium-sized international conferencing. With the bose sidebar vb1 all-in-one web conferencing system, you can experience a productive and successful meeting without having to travel or spend time in a classroom. Plus, this versatile small business device comes with everything you need to conduct a productive virtual meeting – including a high-definition DVR with real-time recording capability and a microphone/headphone adapter. With six beam steering microphones and a 4K ultra HD camera, you get maximum clarity no matter where your business meeting is.

The Bose Videobar VB1 also features an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of connecting, exchanging, and sharing information among participants. When one member leaves the meeting, simply send them a text message and remind them that they are still needed in the meeting. You can also use the auto-deleting feature of the Videobar VB1 to save on time and improve efficiency. The lightweight, ergonomic, and convenient small-profile weight make it easy to carry and use at all times. With these features and more, the Bose Videogram TM is the perfect small business solution for your virtual meetings and conferences.

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